Red bean paste, Adaco

red bean paste Ingredients :
500g Japanese red beans : AZUKI
(They are found in organic shops)
approximately sugar 350 400g according to the weight after cooking
1 teaspoon bicarbonateRincer beans and soak 8 hours in a bowl (the evening for the next day)
red bean paste In a saucepan put the beans and cover with water . cook over medium heat until boiling, stop and drain the water

Cover the beans and start again.

cover with water for 3 times and cook beans 45 min à feu doux

red bean paste Here is the result.

Throw again the cooking water

why throw 3 Once the water? to make highly digestible beans !

red bean paste the beans are still firm.
red bean paste Place in the pan and cover with water and 1 teaspoon of baking. then place a parchment paper.
cook over medium heat for 1 hour at most depending on the quality of azuki.
red bean paste the beans are cooked when they crash between 2 fingers.
red bean paste Now we attack the most tedious part….

have 2 spoons of’ beans and put them in a colander and mash.

red bean paste There remains only the skin that must be removed and thrown into the compost if you have!
red bean paste It scrapes the paste under the colander and continue..

2 spoons are crushed…500g of beans is a bit long…

red bean paste whew ! finished !!! the dough is placed on a clean cloth.
red bean paste Is rolled and pressed like a cheese…
red bean paste Here the dry pulp and cooking water.

Weigh your dry pulp.

red bean paste Put the dry pulp and half its weight in sugar in a saucepan, simmer
red bean paste The bottom sugar and baking is more flexible.

cook 5 10min turning until the dough thickens and becomes slightly shiny

red bean paste Here is the complete dough !hum a delight like a chestnut but darker!

the preparation is long so I'm portions , and I freeze .

red bean paste to taste on bread, dorayaki, yoghurt, in muffins, a rolled cake…

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  1. I made a recipe from this pate azuckis, very good and very simple…500g red bean paste, 4 eggs, 100g of the butter.

    To melt the butter, add a stirring bean paste, as well as 4 egg yolks.
    Beat the egg whites, gently add to the preparation…

    Put into a greased mold 160 °, during 35-40mn….it is delicious and melting.

  2. Hello,

    At the last step, dry pulp and sugar mixture into soft saucepan has remained very dry. I added water to make it smooth. Finally, I did not get a shiny, dark paste like yours. I bought my adzuki bean rue Saint-Anne. Did I miss something ? Thank you for this recipe.


  3. mmm delicious !
    with this paste,I made delicious mochi and dorayaki !
    thank you !

  4. the dough is made, I used whole cane sugar instead of white sugar. It's good and the result is true to the pictures of the recipe. Very good recipe !

  5. Hello,
    I made this recipe twice. The second time, I have not added bicarbonate because I thought the taste was unpleasant. If not, the dough was very successful both times. Part I used to make ice cream maker (half dough, half cream, in weight). Delicious ! Thank you for this recipe

  6. At the ! Is the step of removing the skin is mandatory ? This does not mind having lumps, but if it is indigestible, I am going to remove it.

    1. you can completely leave the skin on the beans, this gives a tsubu-an paste which will be used especially in anpans. without the skin of the beans it is koshian anko, batter that is used in other Japanese confections.


  7. Recipe to do and redo ! Perfect !

  8. Hello, during the different cooking, cover the pan or let yourself be uncovered?

    1. Hello, the saucepan uncovered.

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