Of a new facebook page of the site http://www.facebook.com/RecettesDeMarie
Thank you for your comments and responses is very encouraging and pleasant…
Little more about facebook, on Papote, few bonus…
Feel free to post pictures of your dishes made from my recipes.

I talk with you, I note the moods, experiences, revenue, stuff, views…

New!! hi my kitchen: http://www.youtube.com/user/recettesdemarie

Good food go, treat yourself!

Remember to follow the allergies and food intolerances each, cooking to please, So think about it. A little compassion for others this year would be wonderful!!!!

For people who contact me to tell me that there is no baking powder and baking yeast gluten free I suggest they go to page advice Site. And remember to go to organic stores, they ALL now have a gluten-free section.!!!

I thank you for your visits, comments, mails from France and other countries. I answer your questions and I am delighted to follow your experiences.

my book

Marie Gilles - 31 desserts sans gluten - de France et d'ailleurs - avec ou sans lait

« 31 gluten-free desserts "

New!!! Now the site is also in English, en anglais, in Italien, and allemand,in Japanese… click on the flag and now!

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