Barquettes sans gluten


Gluten tray Ingredients for 18 mini Gluten trays:

1 egg
25 g sugar
10g chestnut flour
20 g de Flour de riz

garnish: jam, spread bio, fruit jelly, chestnut cream…

following your appetite, double or triple the recipe !

Gluten tray Preheat oven to 175 °

Mix the egg yolk and sugar, whitewash.

Gluten tray Add flour.
Gluten tray Beat the egg white with a pinch of sucre.Ajouter some white snow to relax the dough, mix
Gluten tray Gently mix the remaining egg white.
Gluten tray Put the dough Gluten tray into molds mini tarts, failing small bass boxes.
Gluten tray Bake at 175 ° 10 minutes
Gluten tray On leaving the oven flatten with your index finger the center of the barquette sans gluten.
barquette sans gluten Garnir ici de confiture d’airelles.
barquette sans gluten De pâte à tartiner bio sans huile de palme, de confiture…..
barquette sans gluten une barquette sans gluten délicieuse…
barquette sans gluten Il ne vous reste plus qu’ à en refaire en multipliant les doses!!

barquette sans gluten

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