Arancini rice balls or Sicilian

Gluten-free rice balls
 Rice balls Ingredients for 15 rice balls

450g de riz pour risotto
16cl wine blanc
90 cl chicken stock
1 onion
20 g of butter to the onion
20 g of the butter
30g parmesan
1 tablespoon of oil
salt pepper

 Rice balls For the filling :

1 egg
25g parmesan
80g of mozzarella (half a ball)

 Rice balls Preparation before frying :

the farine
3 beaten eggs
bread crumbs (1/2 box)
oil for frying

 Rice balls All cooking is done over low heat (N ° 2 for hotplates).

Saute chopped onion in the oil and 20g butter.

 Rice balls Add the rice and fry : it will become transparent.
 Rice balls Then add the white wine into the rice and mix.
 Rice balls The rice has completely absorbed the wine.
 Rice balls Pay 2 ladles of chicken stock, mix, until completely absorbed.
 Rice balls Continue to pay 2 ladles of stock, once absorbed, continue until the liquid.
 Rice balls The rice is cooked.
 Rice balls Pay off the heat 20g butter and 30g parmesan. Stir. Taste and season to taste.
 Rice balls Cool.
 Rice balls Prepare stuffing. Mix 1 egg, 25g parmesan and mozzarella 80g (half a ball) cut into small cubes.
 Rice balls Here is the farce.
 Rice balls Prepare the ingredients for the meatballs panner : flour, 3 beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.
 Rice balls Make a ball of rice and dig with your finger, and pour a teaspoon of stuffing.
Close the ball. With slightly wet hands, the work is easier.
 Rice balls Roll the ball in flour.
 Rice balls Then roll in beaten egg and then breadcrumbs.
 Rice balls Ask the meatballs on a platter.
 Rice balls Brown in a pot with hot oil.
 Rice balls Once golden, place them on absorbent paper.
boulettes de riz Your rice balls are ready.
boulettes de riz ouverte When you crunch the rice dumpling you will discover the mozzarella melts, a delight.

This Italian specialty is easy to perform, but we have unfortunately, time to prepare this recipe.

You can also change the stuffing and put in place small pieces of chicken in tomato sauce and parmesan.

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  1. thank you for this recipe which is very well explain. I tried it and found its very good as well as my friends ;O)

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  4. I love the rice balls, I give the recipe a try.

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    1. thank you! happy that you love.

  6. Hello, excuse me for disturbing you, I would like to know if it is possible and if so at what stage, to make your recipe with tomato sauce.. 🙂
    Merci, I'm new to the world of cooking ^^

    1. for a variant, which is also done in Italy, at the step where you have to put the stuffing in the dumpling, instead of putting: 1 egg, 25g parmesan and mozzarella 80g (half a ball) cut into small cubes.You can also replace with tomato sauce with pieces of chicken and mozzarella. But if you are new to cooking, start by making the above recipe before.

  7. I am finally going to your site, the first recipe that I look at and very well detailed, I will take the plunge, thank you for your advice, take care of yourself and yours


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