31 gluten free desserts

31 gluten free dessert recipes


Initiated at the bakery at the age of 2 ences by this grand-Mere, Marie Gilles became, gluttony helping, before a passionate teacher for his family. His meeting of gluten-free has made
with two friends. On the catastrophic experiences in trial and error, Mary has gradually managed to get as close as possible to the taste of cakes with gluten. This book is for you enjoy because of gluttony, well dosée, is actually not such a bad fault.


One in 300 suffers from gluten intolerance !
This book is prefaced by an allergist, Dr.Yann-Patrick MASSABIE.

31 gluten free desserts from France and elsewhere with or without milk

THIS TIME editions, collection : Better be,  Author : Mary Gilles

Where to find my book ?


In health food shops and dietetics, bookstores..


Or on Amazon.



some pictures of my book

gluten free churros
Churros Gluten
gluten free gazelle horns
Gazelle horns gluten
gluten-free lace pancakes
Lacy pancakes gluten free
gluten-free financial
Financial gluten
gluten free waffle
Gluten-free waffle
gluten-free madeleines
Madeleines sans gluten
gluten-free shuttles
Gluten free shuttle
gluten-free nun
Religious gluten
gluten free chocolate shortbread
Gluten-free chocolate shortbread
gluten-free tarts
gluten free almond triangles
Triangles almond gluten free
gluten-free cannelés
Fluted gluten

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