Ingredients yeast preparation:
1 packet of yeast
15g of water
1 teaspoon of sugar
Combine ingredients in a glass cover with plastic wrap and let rise.
Yeast to rise well, ready-to-emploiIngrédients bread rolls gluten
40g of soybean meal
120g flour complet de riz
100g of maize flour(it is yellow)
65g of potato starch
7g de sel
10g baking powder
5g of xanthan gum (magazine bio)
5g of guar gum (magazine bio)
2 cl of sunflower oil
40g d'acacia honey
20cl of warm water
10cl buttermilk or sour milk (the organic section of supermarkets)
There are many ingredients but there are all necessary.
In a bowl put all dry ingredients, mix, then add the other ingredients, and the yeast that raised in the glass, beat with mixer for the ideal texture as in the photo.
Prepare a bowl with warm water.
Wet hands and make 11 bowls.
Place them in a flat anti adhesive.
Moisten slightly with your fingers over the balls bread rolls gluten with a little water.
Let rise in oven at about 35 ° 1 hours of the balls bread rolls gluten
Bread rolls gluten once removed.
Preheat oven to 180 °
They are all cute and well risen, it's nice!!
Bake about 20 minutes at 180 °
The dish bread rolls gluten.
Remove from pan and set to cool on a rack.
A small bread rolls gluten, yum
Here the bread rolls gluten cut in half, a nice texture, soft, pure happiness…freezes and eats without hunger; this recipe is for my next book but…. the surprise is that I offer a preview!it will be in my book…
and there will be many other recipes….
Notice to copier, it is protected by my publisher, and must not be reproduced on your blog, no nonsense!!!

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  1. How much milk? Can we put whole milk or it is mandatory to have ribot or fermented milk? Thank you for answering me. Regards.

    1. thank you for your question, I forgot to add the amount of milk! ribot milk or fermented milk must obligatorily because this allows better breadmaking, what's missing from gluten-free, I use fermented milk a lot because it allows gluten-free bread to rise better.

  2. I tried the recipe, a treat! The texture is really nice.
    I used normal milk, but I will test with fermented milk next time..

  3. Hello Marie

    What surprises me about your gluten-free recipes is the baker's yeast, which in principle comes from the fermentation of cereals ??? I cook for my guest rooms and I use baking powder in this specific case because I am more and more confronted with this problem of gluten intolerance.
    What do you think ?

    Thanks in advance


  4. Very easy and very good recipe according to my daughter with celiac disease.
    However, mine were more yellow in terms of the color of the crumb.
    Never eaten bread rolls before but for me it is more like a brioche than bread.
    In any case very soft and it made my baby doll happy, this is the main !

    So thank you for this recipe

    1. thank you, I'm glad I made a happy!

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