Fiadone gluten


– 5Oog de Brocciu
– 4 eggs
– 160 g sugar
– An organic lemon zest
– A shot glass of brandy
   I prefer the myrtle liqueur

You will find the Brocciu in your caterer or butcher in Provence, Corsicans in the shops in and around Paris; and if unfortunately you can not get you, you can use against the heart of the bush.


  Preheat oven to 175 °.

Skip Brocciu in a potato ricer.

  Brocciu is ready.
  Beat eggs and sugar.
  Pour the mixture over the eggs and sugar Brocciu.
Prepare lemon zest (bio of Preference).
  Add zest and liqueur in the preparation.
  Pour into large buttered pan.
  In small buttered molds.

Bake at 175 degrees about 30 to 40 min depending on your oven and size of the mold.

Your loan is Fiadone. Enjoy it warm nature or flamed with brandy or liqueur.

Une spécialité Racing, This is a delicious and light dessert.

In the small dishes Fiadone gluten can be served with a scoop of sorbet or ice myrtle with chestnuts.

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