Bread for Hamburger

pine hamburger
pain hamburger ingredients for 8 pains hamburger:25cups milk
10g de sel
30g melted butter
1 egg
40g sugar
500g flour bag T65 BIO1 yeast

Put all ingredients in bread machine. Program paste.

Once the program has finished, cut 8 dough pieces.

For the décor sesame seeds.

pain hamburger To make good bread you have to bring the dough from the outside to the inside.
pain hamburger We bring back once
pain hamburger Then again next to it.
pain hamburger Still.
pain hamburger Still
pain hamburger just one last time
pain hamburger Here is your bread is formed!
pain hamburger Place the bread with the folds underneath on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or a silicone plate. Place in the oven at 35 ° to make it rise..
pain hamburger Preheat the oven to 200 ° Once risen, brush with milk the pains hamburgerand sprinkle with seeds sésame.Cuire about 15min at 200 ° but every oven is different so you must write down your cooking time with you.
pain hamburger Once the breads are golden, them out of the oven and cool on rack
pain hamburger Here garnished with a soy steak, I am intolerant to beef !!You decide, meat, crudités, cheese….I prepare pains hamburger and I freeze them immediately cooled. They thaw very well perfect for finger food…

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  1. Finally recipes that unusual. A superb site. It remains for me to don my apron and go!

    1. I share your opinion at 100%

  2. A treat, I put everything in the MAP pizza dough program ; after having reworked the last stroke the dough by hand and last risen in the oven ; the first shot I did 4 breads finally well inflated there tonight 8 pains ;
    A real pleasure to be able to eat homemade things ; happiness thank you thank you
    I have the pictures of the finished burgers I can't find to publish them
    Enjoy your meal

  3. thank you! To publish them on the facebook page:

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