Choco – gluten-free pleasure

choco delice

150g chocolate
50g sugar
20g of maize flour
30g of the butter
3 egg whites

Preheat oven to 150 °.

Melt butter and chocolate.

Mix well.
Beat the egg whites ; when the whites are beginning to add the sugar and finish beating until mixture is shiny.
Add corn flour.
Add chocolate-butter mixture, mix
Place a good tablespoon on a hot pan, spreading quickly to the back of the spoon.
Once cold with a cookie cutter cut out circles.
Set aside the circles ; it will fill them at the last minute.
Ask a circle on a plate and place a pastry bag with cream.

The cream is made : of chipmunks sweetened, with a little cinnamon.

Ask a second disk and remove the chocolate cream.

The second cream is made : of chipmunks with a little melted chocolate.

Ask the third disc and decorate. Serve immediately.

I called this dessert Choco – gluten-free pleasure because it is very light, and a pretty sight. Note that for gourmets can put whipped cream ! But I prefer chipmunks for lighter line !

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