Gluten free tiramisu

tiramisu1 Ingredients:

3 eggs
250g mascarpone
75g sugar
boudoirs gluten
2 tasses coffee fort
2 tablespoons of brandy

unsweetened cocoa for garnish

Mix egg yolks and sugar.
Until the mixture whitens.
Add the mascarpone, mix.
Once the coffee has cooled, pour into a dish with ladyfingers cognac.Tremper quickly and place them in your flat.
Beat the egg whites.
Fold into the mixture.

The preparation is ready.

Gently pour the mixture over the ladyfingers.
Chill at least 6 heures.Vous can prepare your Gluten free tiramisu the eve.
Tiramisu Just before serving, put bitter cocoa in a small sieve and sprinkle over your Tiramisu ; aussitôt.Un serve delicious enough calories but not abuse it you can taste the tiramisu with pleasure.

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