Focaccia Italienne (Pugliese)

Ingredients for The Focaccia :

30cl hot water
500g of flour T65
2teaspoons of salt
2 teaspoons of sugar
140g potato cuitent
1 yeast boulangèreGarniture:
tomato pulp bio
dry grass (thyme) in other
olives (if you like)

Cook the potatoes in a pan of water.
Peel, weigh 140g potato.
Mash with a fork potatoes.
Put all ingredients in the Map, a program to paste.
The dough when finished.
Remove dough from bread machine and place in a bowl, film and let rise in refrigerator about 3 hours. The dough is very sticky but it is quite normal.
The dough is slightly levée.Pétrir.

Oil a dish (type of dish here 31 about 20cm) to the pulp.

Let rise in oven at 35 °, about 30 to 40min.

The yeast dough, it has doubled in volume.
Preheat oven to 200 °
Gently spread with back of spoon tomato pulp.
Put the herbs, olives.
Bake at 200 ° The Focaccia Pugliese about 20min
Once warm cut in squares and cool on a rack if the dough will moisten below.
The Focaccia Pugliese be eaten warm delicious… Appetizer input…It freezes well into pieces.The Focaccia Pugliese is quite time consuming but the result is worth it.

My children call it the “Foccacia's aunt” Italian focaccia I ate at my aunt's little Italy in Bari.

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the recipe. I don't know if I'll be able to do something so appetizing…
    I have 2 questions :
    what is the size of your dish to go in the oven ?
    how long do you make the page up a 35 degrees in the oven ?

    thanks a lot

    1. Thank you for your comment, I corrected the recipe and added the size of the dish and the proofing time. Don't worry you will get there!

  2. Very tempting, your focaccia. My husband is from Puglia and the family recipe also uses potato in the dough. On the other hand, there is no tomato pulp reserved for the pizza and the thyme is replaced by oregano. Here is a variant…Thank you for sharing

  3. In my version of Apulian Focaccia there are no potatoes, but there is a lot a lot of extra virgin olive oil, which is added when spreading the dough in the dish.

    Thank you for these beautiful and good recipes, Marie.

    1. thank you, each village has its own recipe…

      1. I am from Barletta (Puglia city) and had a great time eating focaccia on the beach, during the holidays. Yes, you have to put olive oil in the dish and oregano

  4. Mom is of Italian descent (Barletta). she pricks her paste of garlic and chopped tomatoes. The tomatoes are disgorged with salt (skin and seeds removed) she adds pepper, oregano and olive oil.

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