2 eggs
200g of smooth flour
50g sugar
3 open teaspoons yeast
25cups milk

Mix 2 eggs and sugar


Add a little flour and mix
Then add a little milk and mix.

then a little flour and mix,etc.…

as last yeast

The dough is smooth and ready for use
Take a stove pancake, the heat on medium 2.5 on your plate

or pan 17cm diameter

Pour a small ladle in each space, cook this side of pancake. The outer face is still quite runny when you return.

(cooking is fast enough)

When you return your pancakes using a spatula to crepe.


Then cook the other side; it's ready !
pancake Also with a simple stove.
pan cake Serve with maple syrup, sucre, of the spreadable paste…. accompanied by tea or coffee…

The pancakes be stored in the refrigerator overnight filmed.

The pancakes freeze well when cooled.

The favorite delicacy of my dear friend Samia. You will remain forever in our hearts; I dedicate this recipe. We miss you.

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  1. Beware of kilos !!!!! but too bad !!!!

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