Parma Ingredients :600g eggplant cut into slices and toasted
1 bag of Parmesan
3 eggs
tomato sauce
Salt and pepper
Parma Beat the eggs. Dip the eggplant on both sides in the beaten eggs.
Parma In a skillet lightly with olive oil, cook on one side eggplant.
Parma Then the other. Add a little oil between each fried.
Parma Once finished. The eggplant is breaded.
Parma Put a little tomato sauce in the bottom of the dishes (I prefer to use small individual dishes)
Parma Place the eggplant.
Parma Then cover with tomato sauce and parmesan.
Parma recoat, d'aubergines, sauce tomate, parmesan.
Parma Repeat this process until the top of the dish and finish with sauce and parmesan.Cuire to 175 ° 15 to 20min.
Parma Enjoy the Parma warm or cold depending on your preference.
Italian recipe which is cooked in Provence.

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  • It's your blog that made me want to get into the kitchen. In fact when you see the length of the explanations, it seems that it is super complicated! But when read, and realized that the recipe, it is quite feasible; you realize that you just provided a lot of explaining to make it as clear possible.En Anyway thank you for your blog!

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