Christmas donuts Aunt Lucy

Ingredients for about 30 Christmas cakes:

60 g potato boiled
1 egg
500g flour
1 teaspoon of salt
35 cl of warm milk
2 baker's yeast sachets

For shaping: a little oil

For garnish:

cherry tomatoes cut in 4
black olives
pieces of ham
pieces of Gouda type cheese

Dissolve them 2 sachets of yeast with a little of 35 cl of warm milk
In the bowl of your robot with the blade hook, mettre the flour, potato, salt, egg and yeast diluted.

The dough is as in the photo; then add the milk several times.

Beat 10min average speed

The dough is very smooth.
Cover with a film and place in the refrigerator 10 minutes
donut christmas The dough has risen slightly.

Bake at about 35 ° up 20 30min

Pulp Christmas cakes is ready to shape.

Cut 10cm squares with baking paper.

Take 25g for small Christmas cakes, flatten the dough.
Put a piece of olive, tomato ham; or anchovies, tomato, cheese.


Close the dough ball
Roll there between your palms.

Lay on the squares of paper, do the same for the rest of the dough.

Let the Christmas cakes.

The Christmas cakes are ready!
Heat the oil in your fryer.

With a kitchen spatula place the paper with the donut on top of the oil; then the paper comes off, remove the oil.

Cook on each side, the Christmas cakes should be golden brown.

Ask the Christmas cakes on absorbent paper.

a few Christmas cakes.

Prepare in advance Christmas cakes and once cooled place them in a bag in the freezer. reheat in the oven or in the microwave once thawed.
for an aperitif, festive Christmas Eve!


Here the Christmas cakes cut in half.


This specialty is an Italian Pugliese recipe, My dear Aunt Lucy.
My cousin and I made this recipe book thanks to my Aunt Lucy.

She reminded us that the missing persons are still there thanks to revenue; whenever we eat your cakes Christmas we think of you!

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