Tomatoes candy

Tomatoes candy
tomato confit Ingredients:
Tomates type roma ou cerise
huile olive
tomato confit Cut the tomatoes in half and empty them with a teaspoon.
tomato confit Place the tomatoes on paper towels 15 minutes environ.
tomato confit On a baking sheet, mettre du papier sulfurisé, puis déposer les tomates.
tomato confit

Gently pour a little olive oil, saupoudrer légèrement de sucre, salt pepper

Mettre au four à 120° pendant à peu près 60 min pour les tomates cerises 2 hours, le temps varie suivant la taille des tomates.

Vérifier la cuisson à la moitié du temps, if the tomatoes are too dry, add a little oil

tomato confit The tomatoes are cooked.
tomato confit Here cooked tomatoes.
tomato confit

Take skewers and place 3 tomatoes.

To freeze, put spikes on a tray in your freezer, once frozen, put them in a freezer bag or box.

Thaws very well and some dried tomatoes in the winter is always a pleasure.

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