Armenian brioche or Tcheurek

Armenian brioche or Tcheurek
Ingredients for Tcheurek:

550g de farine T65 bio
1 yeast
2 eggs
120g sugar
17cups milk
125g melted butter
1g ground mahleb (Armenian Spice)
sesame seeds
nigella seeds

spices can be found in grocery stores or on the internet Armenian.

Here is the mahleb, is found in bags of small seeds
Take a teaspoon of seeds, grind with a small electric chopper.

Put 1 gramme (1 teaspoon) in the map

The rest unfortunately not preserved because once the ground mahleb quickly loses its flavor…

Once the program is finished dough.
Cut dough into 3 parts
Do 3 flanges
Braiding 3 flanges, lay diagonally on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or a silicone plate.

Bake at 35 ° for 30min

Once lifted, preheat oven to 180 °

Once the oven is hot, the brush Tcheurek milk

Sprinkle with sesame and nigella
Here the amount of seed …

Bake about 20 min at 180 °

Once golden, Remove from oven and let cool on a rack.

Tcheurek, Traditional Armenian brioche, I discovered a few years ago in a Armenian pastry, a revelation perfume…

I decided to make the map faster than the conventional method.

I did enjoy my Tcheurek Marcel and recognize that it validated the taste and texture. I still can not pronounce it correctly sorry Marcel!

You start, the brioche Tcheurek is a marvel, do not forget to put the mahleb, nigella seeds and sesame ! spices needed for this Armenian brioche!

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