Risotto Ingredients :280g de riz à risotto
1 liter of chicken stock
18 au vin blanc
50g freshly grated Parmesan
1 onion
1 tablespoon of oil
50g of the butter
Salt and pepper
Risotto All cooking is done over low heat (N ° 2 for hotplates).
Saute the onion with the oil and half butter.
Risotto Once the onion golden add the rice and stir, rice will become transparent.
Risotto Pour white wine.
Risotto Stir until the rice has completely absorbed the wine.
Risotto Ladle broth, stir.
Risotto When the rice has absorbed the liquid, pay another ladle, repeat the operation for all the broth.
Risotto Always one ladle of stock.
Risotto Once all the broth used and absorbed.
Risotto Off the heat add the remaining butter and Parmesan, stir until butter is melted.
Risotto The risotto is ready !
Risotto Enjoy it once with a little parmesan on top. you can file 2 to 3 mushrooms
Risotto Or simply, taste the flavor of Italy !

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