Oil pump

Oil pump
Oil pump Ingredients:

7 cl of orange flower water
10cl of olive oil (preferably of high quality with neutral taste)
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon of salt
90g sugar
390 g de farine T65 bio
1 packets of yeast

to brown :
2 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons orange flower water

Oil pump Put olive oil, the orange blossom water, eggs.
Oil pump Above the salt, sugar, the flour. Finally the yeast.
Oil pump Put dough program which lasts approximately 1:30. Let the machine work.
Oil pump When your machine beep after 1:30, you may find that your dough has risen.
Pull gently on your machine.

On your baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone plate,
Gently flatten dough with your palms (do not knead but just spread).
Carefully cut with scissors.

Put your oil pump oven at 35 ° for 30 min (so that the dough rises) or in a warm place.

Beware if the duration of the exercise is too long an unpleasant taste will develop !

Remove tray from oven and preheat to 200 °.

Brush gently with a brush of the kitchen oil pump preparation with warm milk over orange blossom.

Bake about 15 to 20 minutes ; following ovens vary in length ! The pump should be golden.
Make it cool on a rack.

The oil pump be eaten warm or cold, hmm what a delight ! It does not cut it breaks the pump!

A classic 13 desserts of Christmas in Provence. But can be enjoyed all year !!

Warning olive oil is the only oil it takes for this recipe !!!!!!

Another version can achieve it with butter for my husband Breton this is the version that he prefers! eh oui!

5 thoughts on “Oil pump”

  • Hello Mary I was attracted to your site because you bear the name of my Grandma. I just tried your oil pump recipe in the bread machine ; at the time of transfer the dough, she was extremely liquid , I do not therefore able to give it the desired shape and I think he lacked the orange peel . Maybe after a second trial it will be better .In any case thank you for proportions and explanations précises.Je wish you a happy holiday Noel.Laurence.

  • Hello Marie , receive a huge KISS to my family excited about your Christmas recette.Depuis I reproduce and it is delicious. It has been now 15 Pumps that I make and I just increased break times (I let rise in MAP 3h , I shape and I get 2 hours at 35 ° and then I cook ). That I wanted to tell you ,because it is important to inform the person who shares his recipes that we also conveyed the happiness and pleasure . thank you Marie. Laurence.

  • Hello
    merci pour cette appétissante pompe juste une petite question : faut-il faire chauffer le four à 35° puis l’éteindre ou pas l’éteindre
    thank you
    la température la plus basse de mon four est 100° est ce que cela peut faire

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