Gluten-free baked apples

Gluten-free baked apples
Gluten-free baked apples Ingredients :6 apples
6 chocolate squares
6 teaspoons of honey
some cinnamon
a little water
a mold siliconne
Gluten-free baked apples Peel and core the apples centre.Préparer siliconne put in the mold 4 tablespoons of water in each form, then ask the pommes.Mettre in the center of a square of chocolate apple, one teaspoon of honey, then sprinkle cannelle.Cuire about 15min at 175 °: cook until apples (this depends of the size and quality).
Back at least once during cooking apples.
Gluten-free baked apples Treat your presentation, it's ready and delicious.Baked apples, serves an economical and simple to add a little extra réaliser.Un cup whipped cream or a scoop of ice, Chocolate chips.

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