Pepper curry

Pepper curry
Pepper curry Ingredients:2 green peppers
2 red peppers
2 tomatoes
20cl of coconut milk
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 onion
du curry
Pepper curry Cut onion into small cubes and fry with oil.
Pepper curry Remove seeds and cut peppers into strips and tomatoes into quarters.
Pepper curry Pour the peppers in the pan flange. Stir.
Pepper curry Pour the coconut milk.
Pepper curry Stir.
Pepper curry Add the tomatoes, stir, then pour the curry to taste.
Pepper curry Cook over low heat.
Pepper curry It's ready. Delicious as an accompaniment to meat.
poivrons au curry A big thank you to Veronique R. of 53230 Cosse-le-Vivien for this delicious recipe.

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