Quince paste

Quince paste
Quince paste Ingredients :1200 kg quinces about 3 bur
430g of white sugar
430g cassonade
310g of water
1 filter tea papierPour coat quince paste:
extra fine sugar
Quince paste Wash the quinces, the brush to remove lint.
Cut into 4 quinces.
Quince paste Remove the seeds.
Quince paste Place the seeds in a paper tea filter.
Quince paste In a saucepan add the water, put the tea bag with the pips, fruits.Faire and cook 20 minutes over medium heat in a covered pan.
Quince paste The quinces are cooked.
Quince paste Remove the skin and central fruit (like a pear)
Quince paste In a large saucepan put the quinces peeled, make them pureed in a blender with the sugar soupe.Ajouter.
Quince paste Cook over low heat about 30 minutes.
Quince paste The dough is ready.
Quince paste Here the color of the quince paste.
Quince paste Pour into a flat plate or very lightly oiled with paper towel.
Let dry at least 24H to 48H (it depends on the humidity in your home) then return the quince paste to dry the other side. Then back again until it is completely dry (bit sticky).If your dough does not dry: put in a saucepan with 100g sugar and annealing to dry a little dough.
Quince paste Cut quince pastein bob, then roll in extra fine sugar (more refined than the classic sugar).Store in a closed box.
Quince paste In a slice of bread a taste that reminds me of my childhood.
Pâte de coing The quince pastean indulgence that leaves the taste with délice.Notons quince paste is one of 13 Desserts of Provence while, remember to prepare for Christmas.

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