Spread house easy

Spread house easy
Spread dough easy

Ingredients for a 1/2 jar of jam spread home:

78g Milk Chocolate (your favorite and preferably organic))
35g Hazelnut oil quality (bio of Preference)
15g sunflower oil
en option 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla beans

Spread dough easy

Place chocolate milk and sunflower oil in a container like jam pot.

melt in the microwave by putting 1 minute, mix, then 1 minute, mix…

Spread dough easy Then add hazelnut oil does not like to be heated,and sunflower oil, mix.
Spread dough easy

Your preparation is liquid not shout ho ! is missed!

put the pot aside and preparation will solidify by cooling, even when cold continues. So it's best to mix from time to time.

Depending on the quality of your chocolate may be needed to add a little oil if the mixture is too strong.


Spread dough easy This is the spread home easy not ready? without palm oil without coloring.
Even students with a mini kitchen can do!
You do not microwave : the bath will do the trick.

For the purists I will prepare another recipe with whole hazelnut but it requires a mix of good quality.

if you are allergic to nuts that you can put sunflower oil.

If you like double doses!!!

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