Bread for hot dog

Bread for hot dog
pain hot dog


500g of flour T65
5g de sel
54g sugar
2 eggs
70g melted butter
20cups milk
1 yeast

To brown: a little warm milk

Put all ingredients in bread machine, program paste.

When the program finishes, out the dough and divide into 12 equal portions, about 80g

pain hot dog Flatten with your fingers the pieces of dough, giving it a slightly elongated shape.
pain hot dog the cast off in the direction of the width.
pain hot dog Flatten again.
pain hot dog folding the dough in the direction of the width.
pain hot dog Fold edges to the fold of pâte.Rouler bread lightly to smooth it and give it the form.
pain hot dog

Lay the bread on a baking tray, parchment paper or a plate to lift silicone.Mettre oven at 35 °


for shaping technique in my video channel on YouTube:

pain hot dog Raised about the loaves 30 to 45 min.Préchauffer oven to 210 °
pain hot dog Brush the loaves with a brush and warm milk.
pain hot dog Bake at 210 ° 8 to 10 minutes.
After browning them cool on a rack.
pain hot dog The top with a sausage with a mustard sauce of your choice, ketchup, with a few fries, and a house salad verte.Un fast food, much healthier that will delight children, teenagers and the large.

The loaves freeze well, prepare in advance, they are ideal for finger food.


4 thoughts on “Bread for hot dog”

  • Merci pour cette belle recette de pain pour hot dog. Au moins, on aura l’occasion de se régaler avec nos propres créations. 🙂

  • Hello,

    Pour votre recette de pains hot dog sans gluten, j’aimerais savoir quelle farine je pourrais utiliser au Québec, je ne connais pas la farine T65.

    Merci à l’avance.

    Céline Bédard

  • TOP !! fait hier soir, j’ai utilisé de la levure boulangère fraiche (1/2) et mis 50g de beurre et 20ml d’huile d’olive. J’ai suivi la méthode à la lettre et les pains étaient super bons et moelleux ! Je la garde précieusement elle me servira aussi pour les hamburgers maison 🙂
    MERCI !!

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