American bread rolls

American bread rolls

Ingredients for 12 pains rolls:

25ml water
3sunflower oil Cl
85g d'acacia honey bio
1 egg
15g de sel
640g de farine T65 bio
1 packet of yeast
a little oil to the dish.
a round dish 26cm in diameter pizza

Put all ingredients in the order your bread machine, program and then paste.
Here is the dough at the end of the program.
Remove the dough from the machine, then cut into 2, then cut into 6 each of 2 parts.
Train 12 balls pain rolls by folding the dough towards the inside.

Graisser un plat rond à pizza 26cm de diamètre à petit rebord avec de l’huile.
Do not take porcelain dish cooked on the underside of the bread is more difficult.
Ask the 12 balls of dough.
Put the dish on a wire rack and let rise in the oven at 35 °(about 30min).

for shaping technique in my video channel on YouTube:

Once lifted, preheat oven to 180 °
Brush gently pain rolls with warm milk.
Cook 15 minutes in the oven.
Check if the bread is baked on the bottom. Remove from pans and cool on rack.
The bread is ready, magnificent !
To enjoy a warm bliss….
Photography by…
The pain rolls is lifted soft. The pain rolls Bread is an American, delicious with butter and jam, a dish with sauce…
I tried to freeze it but alas I can not do it disappears at a rate…

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