The crisp Provence

The crisp Provence

3 eggs
715g de farine
160g sugar
1,5 sachet baking powder (14g)
75g of oil
100g milk
3 tablespoons orange blossom
200g whole almonds (or hazelnuts)

Mix all ingredients except almonds. Then add the almonds
Make a ball of dough. Add a little flour if your dough is too sticky, a little milk if too dry.
Divide the dough into two large crisp.
Divide the dough in four of the Little Crunchy.

Lay parchment paper on your plate. Do 2 flanges

Badigeonner avec un peu de lait et de fleur d’oranger les 2 or 4 flanges.
Place the plate in the middle of the oven and bake at 175 ° about 30 to 40 min time basking in the boots.
Once cold, carefully cut slices with a knife in teeth.
Spread on your plate crisp and brown in oven at 175 ° either side of crunchy.
Croquants Provençal Sample after cooling.

The crisp can be stored in a tin (1 month)

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