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Salon de Thé, Forum et blogs ” gluten-free”

To find the flours such as rice, soy, chickpea, chestnut…..

Think of going from health food stores , Organic shops, Eastern stores..

Boutiques en ligne

la vente daliments sans gluten et sans allergène, produits sans gluten, no milk,
without egg, sans soja, sans arachide, sans fruit à coque

www.rizen sans
Organic Flour Gluten Free Original & Casein-free, Xanthan Gum…
Offers a wide range of gluten-free organic food secure, no milk…
Offers products in southern Italy.

Marseilles – Aubagne

Manger sans gêne : produits sans gluten, no milk, sans oeufs
chemin du Quartier des Vaux , Aubagne Tel:04 42 08 25 11

25 allée Grande Bastide Cazaulx 13012 Marseilles – Such: 04 91 87 31 25


He Baie'l Bio
Mathis z. center of Windmill 22120 Yffiniac – Such : 02 96 63 83 75

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