cinnamon rolls a la MAP

cinnamon rolls a la MAP
Ingredients for about 31 Cinnamon Buns1 packet of yeast
100g sugar
2 teaspoons shaved (2g) ground cardamom
60g melted butter
36cups milk
690g of flour T65
For the preparation of cinnamon Cinnamon Buns:50g sugar
2 open teaspoons cinnamon (5g)
50g melted butter
Put all ingredients in the Map, program pâte.La dough Cinnamon Buns once completed.
With rolling out the dough into a square without adding flour, it does not stick (similar to the texture of the pizza dough).
Mix the ingredients for the preparation of Cinnamon Buns
Spread the mixture over the dough
Cut into rectangles the length of a mini teaspoon.
Cut each rectangle in the middle of.
To a Cinnamon Buns
Take the rectangle and turn one side.
Then turn the other side.
Cross 2 parties
Then enter the centre.Votre Cinnamon Bunsis the prêtMettre Cinnamon Buns on a baking tray on greaseproof paper or a sheet of silicone
You must have 3 plaques
Brush with the preparation of cinnamon throughout the
Cinnamon BunsBake at 35 ° for about 40min
The Cinnamon Buns lifted
're Ready to cook.
Vote Preheat oven to 200 degrees and bake for 8 to 10 min after the furnace length is more or less longue.Mettre 2 plates at a time and monitor cooking; if your oven is not cooking evenly, inter-change plates for cooking your parfaiteSurveiller Cinnamon Bunsand note the time of cooking in your oven for next time.
Once golden, cool on a grid
the Cinnamon Bunsa Swedish cake that will bring… Be eaten cold as well as after cooling the tiède.une Cinnamon Buns freeze well.

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