Pasta Gratin

Pasta Gratin
Pasta Gratin Ingredients :3eggs
30g parmesan
600g of cooked pasta
500g of approximately sauce tomate
100g matches ham

for the flat :
50g de sauce tomate
20g parmesan

Pasta Gratin Mix eggs, then add the pasta in tomato sauce, Parmesan ham.
Pasta Gratin In the bottom of your dish put a little tomato sauce, then pour the mixture.
Pasta Gratin Sprinkle with parmesan, then bake at 175 ° 30 minutes.
gratin de pâtes The pasta gratinis ready, cool slightly before serving dish tiède.En family or individual.

Be eaten the same day, the next warm or cold. Ideal for a large table, picnic…

The upper crust dough can be prepared in advance, it is very economical.

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