Simple vanilla cake

Simple vanilla cake
vanilla cake

2 eggs
200g sugar
25g of sunflower oil
10g yeast
200g de farine
2g of liquid vanilla
12cl organic milk

some oil to the mold

vanilla cake

Preheat oven to 170 °

In a bowl put the eggs and sugar

vanilla cake Beat eggs and sugar
vanilla cake Add the ingredients one by one, and mix.
vanilla cake Draw the bottom of your pan on parchment paper
vanilla cake Cut out the circle
vanilla cake Ask at the bottom of the mold and grease the sides
vanilla cake Pour batter, cook 40 min about
vanilla cake Wait 3min then unmold
vanilla cake Return the cake
vanilla cake

Crush with the mold so that it is flat

Why flatten: to decorate with frosting, sugarpaste….

vanilla cake

Here is the cake soft and sweet vanilla.

You can cut 2 and garnish with cream, fruits …..

vanilla cake

A little slice?

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  • Hello! recette réalisé cette après midi pour nous changer du gâteau au chocolat!!! C’est une bonne recette, gâteau très bon et très appréciable! thank you

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