6 large eggs
150g de farine
150g sugar
a teaspoon of vanilla extract
jam, of the spreadable paste
a little icing sugar

Mix sugar and yolks
Beat until the mixture whitens
Rajouter en 3 After the flour
Beat the egg whites
Stir in white gradually in the preparation, stirring gently from the center outward
Once mixed :
Pour into a mold plate 2cm thick or a buttered baking tray or easier on a plate covered with parchment paper.
Bake at 175 ° 15 20 minutes the cake is lightly browned
Halve the cake and pour on one side of the jam and the other chocolate spread. Once warm gently roll;operation difficult but not insurmountable!2nd easier method:
Vous pouvez le retourner sur un torchon propre ou sur une toile en silicone, étaler la garniture puis le rouler rapidement.
Here 2 cakes! you can do only one perfume and keep rolling in length.
Using a strainer sprinkle with icing sugar
Present in a pretty dish, ideal for children's birthday guaranteed success!
Cut into slices and serve
gateau roulé You can put cream chocolate, of lemon curd, the chocolate mousse…Keep in aluminum foil

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