dorayaki Ingredients for 10 small dorayaki easy to bend 2 or 5 doubles:

90g sugar
2 eggs
2g bicarbonate
100g farine
4ml water
20g acacia honey

dorayaki Mix eggs and sugar, honey
dorayaki Add the flour, baking and 3 ml water (book 1cl).

Cover with plastic and place in the refrigerator to rest 20min.

dorayaki Add the reserved water 1cl.
dorayaki Heat a griddle over medium heat, grease with a cloth sunflower oil
dorayaki Quand le dorayaki retourner bulles fait des sans attendre avec une délicatement spatule.


dorayaki the pancake is ready; Let cool on rack

have 2 garnir crêpes et au milieu de pâte de haricots rouges Anko dit, vous avez votre finished Dorayaki

You can also garnish with chestnut cream, of spread, Jam…

Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream….

So you don't hesitate to double the doses 😉

dorayaki Une douceur japonais, my favorite….

once prepared, filming dorayaki réfrigérateur et les garder au 24H, you can also freeze.

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