Croissants Italien “a croissant” MAP to

Croissants Italien “a croissant” MAP to
the Italian croissant Ingredients for 16 large or growing 32 mini croissants:

35 cups milk
1 egg
5g de sel
100g melted butter
170 sugar
800g of flour T65
1 packet of yeast
chocolate chips or square
chocolate vermicelli

the Italian croissant Put all the ingredients in the MAP, pâte.Voici program dough once the program ends.
the Italian croissant out the dough gently to MAPSi you want to make mini croissants cut 2 dough.
For large croissants leave there full.
the Italian croissant Roll out the dough to form a disk 4 mm d’épaisseur. for smaller growing spread the 2 pâteCouper pieces with a large knife in the dough 4.
the Italian croissant Then again divided into 2 the 4 parts.
the Italian croissant And still 2 you have 16 triangles.
the Italian croissant Place chocolate, Black Milk, blanc… according to your taste.
the Italian croissant Loosely roll.
the Italian croissant Here is the method for rolling step, put chocolate;
the Italian croissant Roll gently loosely.
the Italian croissant Here the growing, still above the tip !!Ask growing on a plate covered with wax paper or foil silicone.Mettre the plates in the oven during baking 30 min at 35 °.
the Italian croissant Remove the plate from the oven and preheat to 180 ° .a After warming oven gently brush the croissants can lait.Vous, to decorate, sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles.

Cook 15 to 20 minutes.

the Italian croissant Remove from oven the Italian croissants and cool on a grid.
the Italian croissant Beautiful little croissants said cornetto in Italie.Vous can make them even smaller thumbnails for buffet, dividing the dough into 4 before étaler.A enjoy warm because the chocolate is melting a delight….

Freezes well.

the Italian croissant For gourmands you can put in place of chocolate:: a teaspoon of jam,, chestnut cream……

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