Confit coquelicots

Confit coquelicots
confit coquelicots


1 liter of water
30g organic poppy petals
500g sugar
2 sachets of agar agar bio (4g)

a coffee filter

confit coquelicots Boil water, then remove from heat add the lime juice and poppy petals.
confit coquelicots

Mix and allow the petals .
When the water is cold, spend preparing.

for a better quality confit take a coffee filter.

confit coquelicots Place the mixture into the coffee filter. your tea is ready.
confit coquelicots In a saucepan put the sugar, infusion of poppy, agar-agar and boil 5 minutes.
confit coquelicots

Meanwhile boil the jars, return on a clean cloth.

Once dry pour the hot mixture into jars and close.

Cool completely before serving…

confit coquelicots

The confit coquelicots is ready, color a marvel!!!

Use your organic garden poppies, take only the petals and leave the center; 2 days later you will again poppies.

Do not pick the poppies on the roadside in fields that you do not know (there is little to be chemical treatments around….)

confit coquelicots A taste confit coquelicots on bread, with duck…

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