500g de farine
200g sugar
100g of sunflower oil
130g de vin blanc
1 sachet baking powder
15g of aniseed

to the top of the Canistrelli :
a little milk or rice milk or water and sugar

Canistrelli Combine sugar, the flour, the levure, anise seed
Canistrelli Add oil and white wine
Canistrelli With the preparation form a ball without kneading dough
Canistrelli Flatten the dough on 1 to 2 cm
cut strips
Canistrelli Then cut diamonds
Canistrelli The Canistrellis cut to
Canistrelli Brush with a little milk each Canistrelli
Canistrelli Then pour some sugar on each Canistrelli

Bake at 175 degrees about 15 to 20min

The Canistrellis are just golden

Are eaten with coffee or tea
Be kept in a tin 1 month

The Canistrelli Corsica is a cookie that leaves endless room ! You'll notice that there is no butter or egg but it is really delicious !

To replace a variant aniseed by zest 2 lemons

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