2 eggs
50g de farine
60g sugar + 1tablespoon
4 g baking powder (1 teaspoon)
a teaspoon of vanilla extract
sets a little extra fine sugar

Mix sugar and egg yolks

Beat until the mixture whitens
Rajouter en 3 Once the flour and baking powder.
Beat the egg whites with 1 soup spoon sugar.
Stir in white gradually in the preparation, stirring gently from the center outward
Once mixed :
Shaping the boudoir with a pastry bag.
Put a little sugar on each end boudoirs.
You can put colored sugar, vermicelli….
You can also round shapes, hearts…

Immediately bake 15 minutes at 150 ° .(it depends ovens)



Enjoy with a glass of champagne, un thé, coffee, cream…

This is not a cookie spoon but a boudoir! this is not the same recipe.


Here are some festive boudoir boudoirs, achieved with children..
To have fun with the decoration…

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