Goya Champuru

Goya Champuru Ingredients for 4 people:
3 goya (bitter cucumber)
5 small eggs or 4 large eggs
125g de tofu
2 tablespoons soy sauce
a little oil
A little diced ham or chicken or pork.
Sauce :
4 tablespoons of miso
2 tablespoons of Japanese sake
1 teaspoon of sugar
Goya Champuru Cut into 2 the goya
Goya Champuru Remove the seeds and white with a spoon

Keep the seeds for later plantings.

Goya Champuru Cut into strips the goya
goya shampuru Rinse
Goya Champuru On a plate put your goya slices and pour salt on it to disgorge the (to remove some of the bitterness)
let stand 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
Goya Champuru Dice tofu
Goya Champuru Prepare the sauce , soy sauce, beaten eggs, each

Put in a pan the Goya with a little oil, make come back.

Goya Champuru Cover the pan and cook over low heat 15 minutes environ
Goya Champuru Add the soy sauce, diced ham
Goya Champuru Pour eggs, each, the sauce, stir and cook over medium heat.

Eggs are cooked

Goya Champuru Here is ready !!
Goya Champuru Think about keep seeds , rinse, wipe and allow to dry on a plate.
goya Here planting a vegetable patch
goya the goya

Syrup of poppies

syrup of poppies 20g untreated poppies
34 ml water
citronun few drops of coffee filter
syrup of poppies In a saucepan bring water to boil.

Put the petals mix in boiling water, remove from heat immediately, mix


syrup of poppies Cover and let steep 15 minutes

Take your small or large bottles, the boiled with lids and place them upside down on a clean cloth.

syrup of poppies In a coffee filter pour the mixture.

Collect water poppy without the petals.


syrup of poppies Here is the result we can notice that it's more burgundy than red.
syrup of poppies Verser quelques gouttes citron et hop! magically change color and brightens !!
syrup of poppies Weigh the preparation and put as much sugar

in a medium saucepan to boil and remove from heat immediately.

syrup of poppies Pour immediately into bottles that you have previously boiled.

Return bottles until cool.

syrup of poppies A little syrup a nice cold glass of water a wonder!!

Can also be used with curd cottage cheese, was….

Keep refrigerated.

Here syrup roses and beautiful colors of poppies syrup!!

Syrup of rose petals

Syrup of roses For 3 small bottles of 20cl

50g bio rose petals untreated
2 Organic lemon slices
40 ml water
sucrefiltre Coffee

Syrup of roses In a saucepan put water, petals and 2 Organic lemon slices, mix.

Boil, immediately remove from heat

Cover with a plate and leave to infuse overnight.

Syrup of roses The next day you have water pink

Take your small or large bottles, the boiled with lids and place them upside down on a clean cloth.

Syrup of roses In a coffee filter pour rose water

Collect water roses without petals.
Weigh rose water and put as much sugar

Note: here 370g of rose water and therefore sugar 370g

Put in a saucepan over medium boil and remove from heat immediately.

Syrup of roses Pour immediately into bottles that you have previously boiled.

Return bottles until cool.

Syrup of roses A little syrup a nice cold glass of water a wonder!!

Can also be used with curd cottage cheese, was….

Keep refrigerated.

Syrup of roses Here syrup roses and beautiful colors of poppies syrup!!

Barquettes sans gluten


Gluten tray Ingredients for 18 mini Gluten trays:

1 egg
25 g sugar
10g chestnut flour
20 g de Flour de riz

garnish: jam, spread bio, fruit jelly, chestnut cream…

following your appetite, double or triple the recipe !

Gluten tray Preheat oven to 175 °

Mix the egg yolk and sugar, whitewash.

Gluten tray Add flour.
Gluten tray Beat the egg white with a pinch of sucre.Ajouter some white snow to relax the dough, mix
Gluten tray Gently mix the remaining egg white.
Gluten tray Put the dough Gluten tray into molds mini tarts, failing small bass boxes.
Gluten tray Bake at 175 ° 10 minutes
Gluten tray On leaving the oven flatten with your index finger the center of the barquette sans gluten.
barquette sans gluten Garnir ici de confiture d’airelles.
barquette sans gluten De pâte à tartiner bio sans huile de palme, de confiture…..
barquette sans gluten une barquette sans gluten délicieuse…
barquette sans gluten Il ne vous reste plus qu’ à en refaire en multipliant les doses!!

barquette sans gluten

Cappuccino Viennois maison

Viennese cappuccino Ingredients:
180g sugar
30g instant coffee bio
35g cocoa amer
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
200g milk powder in organic
Viennese cappuccino Mix all ingredients.
Viennese cappuccino pour into a mixer
Viennese cappuccino Mixer with a crawler preparation.
Viennese cappuccino Pot , it's ready!!
20140204_161311 Pay 3 to 4 teaspoons Viennese cappuccino in a cup and pouring boiling water; you can add small marshmallows.
20131219_210116 Pour Cappuccino Viennese house in a tube with a nice label for small gifts…

Croissants Italien “a croissant” MAP to

the Italian croissant Ingredients for 16 large or growing 32 mini croissants:

35 cups milk
1 egg
5g de sel
100g melted butter
170 sugar
800g of flour T65
1 packet of yeast
chocolate chips or square
chocolate vermicelli

the Italian croissant Put all the ingredients in the MAP, pâte.Voici program dough once the program ends.
the Italian croissant out the dough gently to MAPSi you want to make mini croissants cut 2 dough.
For large croissants leave there full.
the Italian croissant Roll out the dough to form a disk 4 mm d’épaisseur. for smaller growing spread the 2 pâteCouper pieces with a large knife in the dough 4.
the Italian croissant Then again divided into 2 the 4 parts.
the Italian croissant And still 2 you have 16 triangles.
the Italian croissant Place chocolate, Black Milk, blanc… according to your taste.
the Italian croissant Loosely roll.
the Italian croissant Here is the method for rolling step, put chocolate;
the Italian croissant Roll gently loosely.
the Italian croissant Here the growing, still above the tip !!Ask growing on a plate covered with wax paper or foil silicone.Mettre the plates in the oven during baking 30 min at 35 °.
the Italian croissant Remove the plate from the oven and preheat to 180 ° .a After warming oven gently brush the croissants can lait.Vous, to decorate, sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles.

Cook 15 to 20 minutes.

the Italian croissant Remove from oven the Italian croissants and cool on a grid.
the Italian croissant Beautiful little croissants said cornetto in Italie.Vous can make them even smaller thumbnails for buffet, dividing the dough into 4 before étaler.A enjoy warm because the chocolate is melting a delight….

Freezes well.

the Italian croissant For gourmands you can put in place of chocolate:: a teaspoon of jam,, chestnut cream……

Simple vanilla cake

vanilla cake

2 eggs
200g sugar
25g of sunflower oil
10g yeast
200g de farine
2g of liquid vanilla
12cl organic milk

some oil to the mold

vanilla cake

Preheat oven to 170 °

In a bowl put the eggs and sugar

vanilla cake Beat eggs and sugar
vanilla cake Add the ingredients one by one, and mix.
vanilla cake Draw the bottom of your pan on parchment paper
vanilla cake Cut out the circle
vanilla cake Ask at the bottom of the mold and grease the sides
vanilla cake Pour batter, cook 40 min about
vanilla cake Wait 3min then unmold
vanilla cake Return the cake
vanilla cake

Crush with the mold so that it is flat

Why flatten: to decorate with frosting, sugarpaste….

vanilla cake

Here is the cake soft and sweet vanilla.

You can cut 2 and garnish with cream, fruits …..

vanilla cake

A little slice?

Soft lemon gluten

soft gluten-free lemon


80g de Flour de riz
20g of potato starch
3,5g baking powder
2 eggs
1 organic lemon zest
80g sugar
80g of soft butter

soft gluten-free lemon

For garnish:

1 lemon juice
2 tablespoons acacia honey

soft gluten-free lemon

Preheat oven to 180 °

Mix all ingredients

soft gluten-free lemon Butter a, Pour in
Cook , just between gold 10 to 20 min following ovens!
soft gluten-free lemon

Remove the Soft lemon gluten oven

Heat the lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey and brush the tops of soft until it is no more juice.

soft gluten-free lemon Rest 5 minutes.
soft gluten-free lemon Cut into squares and enjoy…Soft …
P1170191 You can make the same recipe with orange zest and orange juice half.

Tomatoes candy

tomato confit Ingredients:
Tomates type roma ou cerise
huile olive
tomato confit Cut the tomatoes in half and empty them with a teaspoon.
tomato confit Place the tomatoes on paper towels 15 minutes environ.
tomato confit On a baking sheet, mettre du papier sulfurisé, puis déposer les tomates.
tomato confit

Gently pour a little olive oil, saupoudrer légèrement de sucre, salt pepper

Mettre au four à 120° pendant à peu près 60 min pour les tomates cerises 2 hours, le temps varie suivant la taille des tomates.

Vérifier la cuisson à la moitié du temps, if the tomatoes are too dry, add a little oil

tomato confit The tomatoes are cooked.
tomato confit Here cooked tomatoes.
tomato confit

Take skewers and place 3 tomatoes.

To freeze, put spikes on a tray in your freezer, once frozen, put them in a freezer bag or box.

Thaws very well and some dried tomatoes in the winter is always a pleasure.

Tartalettes à la gelée de framboises a choco-framboises

raspberry tartlet


70g the framboises
80g sugar
7ml water

quelques Carre de chocolat 65% cocoa

fund the Tartalettes cuitent

raspberry tartlet Rince read framboises, mettre dans une casserole avec l'eau.
Cuire à feu moyen environ 4 minutes
raspberry tartlet Read framboises sont cuit
raspberry tartlet Verser dans une passoire enlever pour les graines
raspberry tartlet Avec une Cuillère.
raspberry tartlet Voici la Pulpe de framboise recuperar.
raspberry tartlet

Faire une fondre DIZAIN the Carre de chocolat

Mettre dans une casserole avec le sucre. cuire à feu moyen quelques minutes one remuant.

Ne pas sans laisser surveillance cette préparation qui aura fait know the bruler!

raspberry tartlet Voici la gelée de framboises.. preparation will freeze cooling!
raspberry tartlet

Take tarts shortbread cuitent or pastry gluten (my recipe book).
I always have a box freezer tartlets, it is very convenient and thaw very well!

sans perdre un instant verser à l'aide d'une Cuillère sur les Tartalettes la gelée de framboises.


raspberry tartlet a gourmet version of putting a teaspoon of melted chocolate and spoon raspberry jelly (left photo)

Une fois Garnier mettre au réfrigérateur 30 minutes.

raspberry tartlet Here is 2 tarts so delicious…
raspberry tartlet quickly swallowed a plate!
a gourmet version of putting a teaspoon of melted chocolate and spoon raspberry jelly. chocolate raspberry tart.
raspberry tartlet

Raspberry Tart.

I chose to make a recipe with small amounts because I have raspberries in the garden which are for the time being unproductive, if you want to make more doses multiply.